I am very interested in how culture and the human mind are intertwined, particularly with regard to new technologies. My research blurs the lines between cognitive psychology, political theory, and human-computer interaction.


Musical Semiotics and Film– I’m using an associative priming technique to examine the semiotic associations with genre-specific film soundtracks. This research will be presented at the upcoming conference on Music and the Moving Image.



Sankaram, K. (2015). A new account of musical meaning: Musical semiotics and soundtracks. Paper to be presented at the 4th annual conference on Music and the Moving Image, New York, NY.

Sankaram, K. (2015). The Third Orality: How the Internet is changing the way we comprehend.
Paper to be presented at Theorizing the Web, New York, NY.

Sankaram, K. & Schober, M.F. (2014). Online reading of a political blog by lurkers, posters, and non-interactive readers. Paper presented at 24th annual meeting of Society for Text and Discourse, Chicago, IL.

Sankaram, K. (2014). On Art and Activism. Presented at the 2014 US Conference of UN Women, Washington D.C.

Sankaram, K. (2012). Thumbprint: On the intersection of Indian and Western classical music. Presented as part of “Artists of Our Time” at the Historic Asolo Theater, Sarasota, FL.



Sankaram, K. & Schober, M.F. (In Press). Online reading by lurkers, posters, and non-interactive readers. Discourse Processes.

Sankaram, K. (2014). Finding a voice: The story of Mukhtar Mai. International Arts Manager, 2014 (1).



Sankaram, K. Visual and audial constraints on distant rehearsal systems. Unpublished pilot study

Sankaram, K. The metaphorical model of political affiliation: A priming study. Unpublished masters thesis

Sankaram, K. Revisiting the young child’s concept of musical contour. Unpublished undergraduate thesis